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Founded in 2019 by Nada Fadhila Utami and led by Managing Partners, Well Bali has grown from a local real estate operator in Canggu, formerly managing over 100 properties to becoming the premier investment and development firm operating across Bali.

Architect & Construction Administrator

HAM Design Group’s Lead Architects Keith Marks and Corie Saxman are working with the WELL BALI team to oversee our villa construction process.

Keith’s experience in designing sports training facilities, including the Los Angeles Lakers’ training facility, is highly relevant to our project’s core focus on health and wellness.

Keith and Corie’s roles in the WELL BALI construction process ensure that every aspect of the villa design is meticulously executed resulting in stunning, functional, and harmonious spaces.

Kailani J

Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador 

Kailani Johnson is a professional surfer born and raised in Bali and works with the Well Bali development team and architects to create wellness focused villas.

Kailani was introduced to surfing at a young age by her father who was also a surfer and quickly developed a love for the sport, spending most of her free time in the water and learning from some of the best surfers in the world.

Being from Bali, she perfectly embodies the essence and spirit of the island, which is integral to the design philosophy of our villas, ensuring that guests enjoy a truly immersive stay on the island.

As a professional athlete with a focus on wellness, she provides valuable insights into designing spaces that promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and a balanced lifestyle.

Kailani J

Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador 

We are excited to be working with one of Indonesia’s most successful surfers, Betet I Wayan Merta. He rides for RVCA, Sharpeye, Ours, Nixon Indonesia, Creatures, Island Brewing, & BGS. An air specialist with an unpredictable style and big personality, he’s known as “DA GUY” and he has been competing internationally for over two decades.

His connection to the ocean resonates with our project’s sustainability and environmentally conscious development direction. 

His international recognition, substantial following, and affiliation with well-known brands can increase our visibility on a global scale, meaning more people will learn about our project and its values.

Kailani J

Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador 

Alex Smith breaks the mold of your typical pro surfer from Hawaii.

Raised in the wave-rich shores of Kauai, Hawaii, he forged a profound bond with the ocean from an early age, mastering his skills on some of the planet’s most challenging breaks.

Alex’s passions extend beyond the ocean. As an avid explorer, he’s ventured to remote corners of the globe, seeking out adventure and cultural immersion. It was during one of these journeys to Indonesia that he discovered a new passion for holistic wellness practices.

With a passion for health and wellness, Alex has carved out a unique niche in the surfing world. Teaming up with Well, Alex saw an opportunity to merge his love for travel with his dedication to health. Together, we are embarking on a mission to curate wellness facilities and craft distinctive living spaces tailored to the needs of health-conscious travelers like himself.

Kailani J


Dewa Ayu Nyoman, our esteemed in-house Accountant, boasts a Master’s in Accounting from Udayana University Bali, fostering an insightful grasp of financial intricacies.

Proficient in managing property-related expenses, tax matters, and conducting financial analyses, her expertise extends beyond accounting.

With a seasoned background as a Financial Advisor, Dewa Ayu Nyoman enriches our team, offering comprehensive financial management and advisory services.

Kailani J

Office Manager

Quincy Merry, our committed Office Manager, ensures seamless business operations while upholding impeccable villa standards.

From daily management of property functions to strategic foresight for upcoming projects, Quincy oversees every aspect.

Her proficiency in organizing maintenance schedules and supervising upkeep plays a crucial role, consistently raising our standards to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

We have developed five-star, wellness focused luxury villas throughout Bali

Our in-house team of over 70 people manage the full development life-cycle, spanning land use and acquisitions, financing and accounting, design and construction, asset management, marketing, sales and leasing, and legal oversight. We are currently one of the largest developers in Bingin Beach, Bali, with over 20 properties either sold or under construction, all of which are focused on health and wellness.